Pacific Palms Resort For A Pleasant Golf Vacation

For the vacationing golfers who are looking more for a full immersion into the golf itself, there is no better destination than to the Pacific Palms Resort, just west of the city of Los Angeles, California.

Pacific Palms Resort is about 20-22 miles west of the city of Los Angeles and Disneyland. The resort is situated between Highway 10 and Highway 60, just outside the City of Industry. You would turn north at Azusa from Highway 60 or south from Highway 10, and turn west onto Industry Hills Parkway and climb up the hill. The lone multi-storied hotel, hosting two hundred and ninety-two rooms, stands majestically overlooking the panoramic view of two championship golf courses.

Two Immaculate Golf Courses

Pacific Palms Resort 01The resort operates the two golf courses; the Ike Eisenhower and the Babe Zaharias. Both courses, as you might expect, are always kept in immaculate playing conditions. The courses were named the golf course of the year in 2010, owing to the sixty million dollar renovations made to the facilities. The two courses contain one hundred and sixty sand traps and eight lakes that are in strategic locations for optimum playability. The Eisenhower runs north of the hotel, and the Zaharias wends its way southward and back home towards the hotel. At the pro shop, the golfer is immediately met by cheerful and friendly bag boys that will immediately put your bags on the cart and send you on your way.

The Eisenhower is the longer and more challenging of the two courses at 7,181 yards from the long tees.  Not only is the course longer, placement of the tee shots in the correct position is a must. I recall golfing with the locals there and reflecting to myself that even if you were a ten handicapper, you would not want to have a match with a ten handicapper from this course! A point of interest on the Eisenhower is when you finish the ninth hole, you must take a small cable car up to the top hotel level with golf cart and all. If any of you remember the “MacGyver” show on TV, there was a scene shot here where MacGyver wrestled and threw the bad guy off the cable car (presumably to his death).

The Babe Zaharias course is a bit shorter at 6,836 yards, also from the long tees, but is the more picturesque course with many water holes and winding doglegs, both left and right. The water is more noticeable on this course, as for example, on the second hole, your shot must be well left of the course to avoid the water. The greens also seem to be more devious, quite possibly done to compensate for being the shorter course. Coming in towards the eighteenth hole of this course, the golfer is treated to a spectacular view of the snow-capped St. Gabriel Mountains on a clear day.

Hone Your Golf Game

If you have had a particularly frustrating day on the golf course, you can always wend your way to the spectacular practice facility that boasts a teaching pro that has an office right on site. I did not inquire about his fee, but if your game is as bad as mine, you probably wouldn’t mind shelling out a few bucks for a lesson.

Great Restaurants And Other Amenities

The hotel has excellent facilities for after-golf activities, including dining at one of the three restaurants. For the golf weary orPacific Palms Resort 02 wellness conscious, there are spa services and a fitness center. The resort is first and foremost a “conference center” for the city of Los Angeles and therefore, supports many other amenities and facilities, including computer access. Should you get tired of the restaurant food, however, you need travel only several miles south towards the city of Hacienda Heights. At or near the corner of Azusa and Colima, you can find the all-you-can-eat West Coast Buffet Restaurant that serves American, Japanese or Chinese cuisine. A classier Japanese Restaurant called Todai Restaurant is in the Puente Hills Mall Shopping Centre. This shopping mall has twenty theatres that will interest those who want a little change of pace. In or around this area is the Boston Café, another Chinese restaurant, and of course, the always ubiquitous fast food joints.

Pacific Palm Resort in the City of Industry, just west of Los Angeles, California is a must go place if you are interested primarily in a golfing vacation. If you are in management or other social functionary, and are looking for a place to combine seminar and golf, look no further than this excellent facility.

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