Golf Resorts – What Are Your Favorites?

That is a question I’m asked a lot by my friends, relatives and acquaintances. You see, over the years, my wife and I have traveled to over 70 golf resorts around the world. Golfing and traveling are our passion, and we love going to unexplored places for our golf vacations.

Golfing is so popular right now and so many people, like you and I, enjoy testing our skills at some of the best courses in the world while having a relaxing and enjoyable holiday at the same time. It’s a lot of fun walking the same fairways and putting on the same greens as the PGA pros that we watch on TV every weekend during the tournament golf season.

golfingfun01Our goal is to share with you our experiences as we re-visit the 70+ golf resorts that we have personally enjoyed over the years. We have taken golfing vacations in Hawaii, California, Arizona, Florida, Thailand and Canada. Unfortunately, we haven’t played at every top resort on the planet (yet), so we have enlisted the help of some talented freelance travel writers who share their experiences of some of the great vacation spots that we have missed so far.

Golf Vacations Are More Than Just About Golfing!

There are so many travel agencies around that offer great deals in their golf packages. My wife and I have taken advantage of some nice packages that have saved us a lot of money over the years. Finding a good all inclusive golf package allows us to budget for other enjoyable vacation activities. Tours, spa time, fine dining and even golf lessons by some of the world’s best instructors really make for a complete vacation package. We have enjoyed the amenities that our favorite resorts had to offer including luxury hotel accommodations, priority reservations for tee times, golf school and world class restaurants. These special things really help to make for a dream holiday.

So thanks for stopping by and please feel free to read our golf resort reviews and experiences at your leisure. I’m sure you will find helpful information about your preferred destination that you might not find in regular travel brochures.

At times, we will suggest some places to visit to help you to find your ideal golf holiday. As well, some of the advertisers on our site offer quality deals and can make planning and budgeting your vacation a whole lot easier.


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